Taxing Prosperity.

"Government has never taxed anything into prosperity."- Littleton resident.

Creating jobs is hard.

Littleton recently passed all of it's articles on the town warrant. One of these generated a bit of controversy in that it appropriated via local taxation a $500,000.00 capital amt. to be held in escrow against possible "Federal grants totaling $2.7 million."

This is seed money. Basically, it would be the towns share of a grant application to get federal money to redevelop an old neighborhood (mill street) that needs alot of work. The idea is redevelopment would lead to taxbase and jobs created that would far exceed the $500,000.00.

At least this is how the idea is supposed to work.

The article passed by a comfortable margin. Due to this appropriation the tax rate in Littleton now increases to .42 cents per $1,000.00 of valuation. I did the math. A $220,000.00 home now has increased property taxes of $940.00 a year. Many people are on a monthly budget, so this passed article translates into $77.00 a month.

Food or local property taxes?

This article did pass and seems to be the general direction of what government is doing in New Hampshire, everywhere. The government not the citizens or the entrepreneurs create the prosperity.

I don't think this is right but the river of progress and politics is moving swiftly.