An Innovation Fund.

It just keeps getting worse.

Yesterday I stopped reading the proposed state budget. The numbers simply don't work.

Too much spending for unexplained reasons.

Two further examples of how this pans out. Gov. Hassan is proposing spending one million dollars to create an "innovation fund." What exactly is this innovation fund and what does it do for New Hampshire? Gov. Hassan has been in office for some 2 1/2 years and I still have as of yet to learn exactly what an "innovation economy" is and what this does for New Hampshire.

The spending then continues on.... No Political Leadership In New Hampshire. President Morse and Speaker Jasper remind me of a dog begging for a treat.

$4.0 million dollars for engineering and environmental study for the passenger rail boondoggle from Manchester to Lowell, Mass. New Hampshire can't afford an innovative idea like this. And it isn't innovative there isn't anything innovative about throwing money at any issue which is what this is.

If New Hampshire had any political leadership, which it doesn't, both Senate President Morse and Speaker Jasper would be raising some serious question about this proposed state budget proposed by Gov. Hassan.

Not a peep.