Stop Hoping. Start Doing.

"When they started using risk management that used rate of return on investment versus thinking something could or should happen, it made a world of difference. They used their heads and pens instead of hope."- Chris Archer-ADM Financial Services.

This is a quote that I read recently that I really like.

I think this also compares if not captures what is wrong with New Hampshire and it's political leadership.

Too much hoping. Not enough doing.

The Republicans in the Senate finally responded to the Gov. Hassan proposed budget for 2015-2016. It's almost like their waiting for something to happen, or hoping for something to happen. Sen. Jeanne Forrester was the worst she simply hedged her bets. First, she complemented the governor and then she had to say something critical, which is obviously expected from the Republican party.

This is especially bad because Sen. Forrester is chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, so she knows full well what the state budget is; and the pins and needles that it rests on. And yet Sen. Forrester still says nothing of substance. I think the only state department that is getting this whole fiscal situation right is corrections they need more position(s) and resources to their growing case loads, challenges and convictions. Yet, corrections is still keeping to the barebones budget-- this while saving significant financial resources down the line. Hiring more corrections officers creates more safety and reduces expensive overtime. And they have been asking for this for a long time.

Notice that the rest of them didn't do this.

UNH is the worst offender. Instead of accepting the situation and finding some "innovative" solutions like reducing the bloated ranks of administrators and tenured professors they whine about the same old "tuition rates."

Nothing ever changes.