Gov. Hassan Approval Rating.

I'm not much of a supporter of political polls and what they are intended to do. Statistical populations are just this. It's a small fraction that is measured against a much larger mass of numbers.

Politics is a far too complicated field for this. Too many variables.

However, this being said I'm reading that the UNH Survey Center that Gov. Hassan now "has an approval rating of 55%." This is a fair assessment.

There are individuals in NH, mainly democrats, that are going to follow Gov. Hassan no matter what. Gov. Hassan could be singing the song on the wooden deck of the titanic and these people are still going to follow her. I think this would account for the 47% of the 55% that has been stated. The other 8% is the fact that the NH GOP still can't get it's act together. 55% Approval Rating. Thanks To The Poor Performance of the NHGOP.

If you notice the leaders in the Republican Party have not advanced a single alternative to anything Gov. Hassan has proposed: and I don't care if it is health care or running passenger trains down into Boston. The NH GOP hasn't proposed anything.

Is there something wrong here?

Senate President Morse could be in a good position to really deliver for New Hampshire. Some truly innovative, sound financial ideas could be advanced and the dividends down the road would be substantial. Sen. Morse isn't doing this, instead he simply dusts off a broken record with the same old saw: "We should be living within our means."

This doesn't mean anything just like the performance of the NH GOP.