Maple Syrup Bad.

I don't have the legislation in front of me but I'm understanding that a bill has been heard before the Environment & Agriculture Committee creating a new state position in the Department of Agriculture, Markets and Food.

A Maple Syrup Coordinator. New Hampshire Maple Syrup Is Behind Nearby Areas. A Coordinator Will Do Nothing To Change This.

Bad idea.

This is yet another example of "us v. them" and how Concord is becoming it's own world answerable to nobody but the bureaucracy that is printing the checks.

It is commonly known that NH Maple Syrup is in no position to compete with nearby areas namely Vermont and eastern Canada. Not only do these areas have much more production capacity, but, they are lengths ahead in terms of brand and product marketing. I think so far ahead that NH will never catch up, never mind break through. And there is no niche market for maple syrup.

If someone were thinking the existing resources in New Hampshire would be used to assist the maple producers grow and increase their business. This state is filled with business incubators, regional planning agencies and consultants that deal in economic development. All of which are already paid for through NH taxpayers.

This position isn't needed.