Going To Where.

The news media is reporting on Gov. Hassan's upcoming three day trip to Washington, D.C. where she will do such things as visiting the White House and give a speech to a political group where the "public is not invited."

Gov. Hassan must have a very positive presence in the Statehouse that can be my only rationale for what all of this really means. Of course there has to be alot of political speculation about a possible campaign for U.S. Senate, but what comes after this?

Is this why no one in the Statehouse is saying anything critical of the Governor?

Right now I'm reading a well-written three part series in the Caledonian Record newspaper about heroin addition and what it's real costs to society are. Vermont has fully acknowledged all of this and is using what resources it can to respond to these issues.

New Hampshire is doing next to nothing. For example the average waiting time for rehabilitation (heroin) is 6-8 months, if the patient has insurance most of them do not. From what I'm reading often times the overworked state case workers sends or encourages "patients to go to Massachusetts for treatment."

I guess this goes on and on. I'm sure Gov. Hassan will have a good trip to Washington, D.C.