Misplaced Priorities.

Gov. Maggie Hassan as a integral part of her proposed 2015 state budget is proposing to spend $4.0 million dollars for "engineering and feasibility analysis" for passenger rail service from Manchester-Nashua down to Boston. Gov. Hassan And The State are ignoring viable railroad and capital ideas in favor of what?

Bad politics and misplaced priorities.

Thought I'd take a few minutes and demonstrate as to why this is the case:

-The St. Lawrence & Atlantic Railroad that runs from Portland, Maine to Montreal requested about $411,000 for replacement of needed ties and materials on it's rail properties, it was going to supply all the labor and logistics support to make this project happen. The net result of improved rail service would have been at least $25 million dollars in taxbase, jobs and new investment into Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.  New Hampshire declined this request due to no funding available. New Hampshire can't afford pocket change on rail projects that actually lead somewhere. Something is really wrong.

-The State of New Hampshire owns about 18 miles of railroad line between Groveton and Whitefield. Much of it is in poor condition and it needs $125,000.00 worth of ties and rehabilitation to keep it operating. Had this work been done by the state would have resulted in at least $7 million dollars in both investment and lower prices for materials like home heating oil and wood pellets. New Hampshire declined this request due to no funding available.

Gov. Hassan has made it her priority to plug this new expensive passenger rail service to Boston. New Hampshire can't even afford pocket change to invest in railroad infrastructure, how is it going to possibly be able to finance an ambitious idea like this.

It can't.

I don't think Gov. Hassan even cares.