Nothing Is Said.

Something is really wrong in New Hampshire.

It seems like millions of dollars and capital ideas are running like water and yet the plight of the proletariat continues to worsen. Isn't that always the way it goes...

Yesterday I had reported of the state loan guarantee being plugged by Sen. Jeff Woodburn. This is an ambitious, expensive and risky plan that does nothing for the average NH citizen. But all the politicians will argue how it improves tourism and it's a "public private partnership."

It's a sham and a lie and it's in that order. President Morse, Speaker Jasper and Members of the Senate know what it going on. Yet they do and say nothing.

It is interesting to watch alot of these political campaigns for the Statehouse, especially the state senate and all that is said. Then once they get elected how quickly they acquiesce to whatever the policy is from the corner office. I'm also now wondering if these same individuals have any real conscious.

They know what is going on but choose to do and say nothing.