No Bother At All.

"Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play."-Joseph Paul Goebbels.

The newswires certainly didn't waste much time in filing lots of lies.

The nation's governors, in Washington, are "concerned about roads, schools."I turned it off when they got to the Gov. Hassan part. Neither The News Media Or Gov. Hassan Will Waste Any Time About Reality In New Hampshire.

New Hampshire is a state that has enacted and unnecessary gas tax increase while promoting a boondoggle of a rail project that pushes that granite state towards either bankruptcy or higher taxation.

New Hampshire schools do not fare any better: per this proposed capital 2015 budget all capital expenditures for NH schools is slashed by at least a 1/3. No improvements, no roof replacement or conversion to wood pellets that would save millions of dollars in heating oil.

I'm sure the press is following Gov. Hassan in Washington. Don't bother trying to ask her what is really going on at home. They don't care.