Letting "Them" Decide.

“Contravenes fundamental principles upon which our Republic was founded.”- Quote from Boston Globe article.

Today I read and re-read an interesting article in the Boston Globe that captures what I think is the means of government and governance in New Hampshire.

The article had nothing to do with New Hampshire but the point(s) made most certainly do, baiscally this is a case of letting "them" decide what is best for all of us. And what "they" decide is more often that not--a means to serve them and their friends. Petroleum Has Been Loaded Onto Ships In Portland Since Whale Oil Was Created. They have decided this shouldn't be done anymore.

South Portland, Maine which is quickly becoming a bedroom community of snobby, swanky and wealthy Cape Elizabeth recently passed a local ordinance restricting the loading ship borne vessels with petroleum. Something that has been done in this port city since the creation of whale oil in the era of sailing ships and Moby Dick.

"They" decided in "their" wisdom that this restriction will prevent Tar Sands from Canada from being loaded onto ships at this port city. The whole matter is ending up in litigation. The Portland Pipeline Corp. is now appealing in Federal Court with the quote above.

Situations like this are happening everywhere. "They" decide something, cloud it with how it is helping society in general and in the process millions of dollars of tax base and jobs will be lost.

Meanwhile centralized government grows powerful and stronger.

Plutocracy defined.