Bad Progress Report.

We're over a month into the legislative session and the question now becomes: "Where are we?"

I'll answer this.

The state budget deficit of some $275 million continues, state employees have no contract, the bean counters are cost shifting and cutting money, i.e. nursing homes as the Governor spends her days touting $300 million for commuter rail and now reportedly, (see NHGOP release below) is now actively exploring a run for U.S. Senate.

This isn't a case of "ignoring responsibilities" either this is a case of doing nothing.

There could be some leadership here but there isn't. If I had to give grades for Sen. Morse and Speaker Jasper I'd give them a C- and an F respectively. They both deserve this.

These two are like dogs begging for a treat.Sen. Morse and Speaker Jasper are like two dogs begging for a treat.

At least Sen. Morse asked the Gov. "Can we have a discussion about spending?"Morse said. Actually it was more like begging. I'm confident there has been no such discussion, nor will there be any discussion. I don't think it serves the Hassan ambition model to even be speaking with the Senate President about anything financial.

And then they'res Jasper.

I'd encourage you to have a look at the house calendar and read some of the "blurbs"with this the committee report(s), more often than not Inexpedient to Legislative. Of course it "wouldn't be a good idea to change the name of DRED as it would cost $200,000.00."

And it doesn't get any better than this.

If New Hampshire can't have any leadership we should at least return to biennial sessions.