Leading NH Into The Ditch.

Something is going on. Isn't it always when politics is involved...

Gov. Maggie Hassan and her loyal entourage including Nashua Mayor Donnalee Lozeau unveiled the waste of money and self touted $2.97 million passenger rail study for rail service on the "capitol corridor."

Notice how quickly the spin machinery went into overdrive on this.

When the $310 million dollar price tag was unveiled the spin masters quickly let it be known that these "Federal Grants" might be used and that New Hampshire might not be on the hook for all this money, which it clearly does not have. And this includes bonding authority.

This whole rail idea is a complete sham.

Someone should ask outgoing Nashua Mayor Donnalee what kind of financial shape Nashua is in, and is the city in better financial shape than when she assumed office?

Just imagine what the answer to this question might involve.

This capitol corridor rail project has to be stopped. It will lead New Hampshire right down the drain.