Postage Meter Farce.

"When three liberals get together they form a new party; that is their idea of individualism."- Oswald Spengler. Oswald Spengler.

They increase the size of government too. This is how they make the individual subservient to the state. It's a vicious cycle.

New Hampshire Needs A COO To Save On Postage Costs. The Concord Monitor editoral board recently interviewed Gov. Maggie Hassan. As you might imagine it was a typical fluff laced political, accept no responsibility, type of speech. Guess the readership must accept it. I've now read at least three of these pieces and they are all the same example of what NH is becoming.

Similar to the definition of farce, if it's not there already.

One of the question(s) that I'm surprised was asked was about this proposed Chief Operating Officer (COO) for New Hampshire. And Gov. Hassan responded,

Postage costs.

That's right the Governor talked about how New Hampshire needs a high level position to "save on postage costs." Or at least (her words) review some of "these files."

If this legislature doesn't take some decisive action in the next several months.....