Senate Bill 30 Update.

"While we would all like to see the Balsams restored to it's former glory...I have some serious reservations about state taxpayers taking on the responsibility for a private businesses loan and the precedent this would create."- Sen. Chuck Morse.

Today I got some encouraging political information.

The state senate was to meet and take up Senate Bill 30 which is the $28 million dollar, unprecedented state loan guarantee for the Balsams and it's ambitious ideas.

The legislation was amended for "further study." before it can move forward.

The NH State Treasury is not a bank.

I think this action says something politically as well. That just because Gov. Hassan supports something it doesn't mean that it has to proceed. In other words, I think the senate is throwing it back in her face!

Reportedly Directed State Agencies "To Support Balsam's Project." Why? The NH State Treasury Is Not A Bank.