Leading To Poverty.

"Peoples do never govern themselves. That lunacy was concocted by liberalism. Behind its "people's sovereignty" the slyest cheaters are hiding, who don't want to be recognized."- Josef Paul Goebbels.

Plenty of lunacy going on here in New Hampshire.

It's -15 degrees where I'm at. It's cold. Global warming, Blame Bush.

Today up in here in northern NH another shoe dropped, more loss of jobs.

Hitchner Manufacturing is announcing the closure of its operation(s), I'm reading at least 250 full-time jobs go away, or, possibly relocated to Milford, NH. Of course the reason stated was "consolidation" which I'm sure has nothing to do with the real reasons: New Hampshire and what emanates from Concord.

Both political parties are to blame here. Both Political Parties Are Leading NH To Poverty.

Hitchner has been in Littleton since 1984 and manufacturers metallurgical items such as rocker arms for engines, and parts that require advanced machining and engineering specifications. When I first ran for the NH House I found, Hitchner unlike other employers very supportive of campaigns and the electoral process. For example, they allowed campaigning on their property, they give tours to candidates and allowed their employees to ask question(s) of the candidates. The jobs here also were of a higher calibre like their products, I think the starting range for jobs was at least $15.00/hour plus benefits. These won't be replaced in Littleton.

I'm starting to think the only people that have jobs are retired people. Being retired. Live Free Or Die.

I'm also picturing what the response to Concord is going to be. Leading New Hampshire right into poverty.

Consider what the future of New Hampshire could look like: strip malls, mixed use properties, recreational areas, Lowe's, McDonald's and Walmart. Tourists come up here on the weekends driving shiny SUVS with Mass. plates. Then they go home on Sunday.

Live Free Or Die.