Doing Democracy Best.

"New Hampshire does Democracy best."- Gov. Maggie Hassan.

Gov. Hassan has this quote correct. New Hampshire does do democracy best. I recently experienced this.

Senate Bill 30.

If this had been any other state besides New Hampshire this state loan guarntee probably would have gone through. And I'm talking about places like Pennsylvania, New York and places out west let's say Nevada and Wyoming. A state loan guarantee of $28 million for an upscale resort to create jobs. In theory it's actually a good idea.

In theory.

The Balsam's wasn't even on my radar screen. I hadn't even heard of Senate Bill 30 never mind the fact that my own State Senator Jeff Woodburn was the primary and only sponsor. So I'm in my local coffee shop at 0610 on a freezing cold February morning enroute to the salt mine and I'm listening to the daily typical banter that some of the "townies" talk. It's usually about town politics and what the town shouldn't be spending.

On this morning three contractors were there, not locals or at least I don't know them. And they're talking or at least agreeing with some of townie material that is in the air. So I'm drinking my coffee listening to all this. And one of them brings up the Balsam's. "Yeah I've got a lead on a really good contract there." one says. And he goes on, "I'm in roofing, there is alot of roofing needed they're revitalizing the whole property, huge project."I'm still listening to this, some might call it eavesdropping but this is a public place, and I used to work at the Mount Washington Hotel and have been on their roof numerous times. So then one contractor says to the other, "I might be getting a $190,000 contract on a job that costs $80,000" then he chuckles a little bit, "The state's paying for it."

The state's paying for it. Really.

The political side of my brain instantly starts thinking: "In other words this is a way to rip the state off and get a nice profit at the same time." $110,000.00 to be exact.

Then the accountant side of my brain tried to rationalize this: commercial roofing is expensive, expensive to buy, labor costs, etc. This contractor whom I don't even know might not even be quoting the whole contract-- there is probably information that they know because it's their conversation! It very well could be a $190,000.00 and the $80K is simply their portion of it.Roofing Is Expensive. But This Is What Led Me To S.B.30 And Gaining Insight Into It's Content. New Hampshire Does Do Democracy Best.

This is the problem in getting involved in rumors, speculation, banter and third party conversations. It just leads to problems. Follow The Facts Always Follow The Facts.

In any case I finished my coffee and had to get on the road but I decided to try and find out what I could about this whole "Balsam's project."

It wouldn't take long for the information to come in.

To Be Continued...