Meals On Waste.

The next two months should be interesting in the state budget process. There is still alot of hue and cry over some of the needed and proposed cuts to bring the entire budget into line with revenues and existing spending, the "living within our means." scenario. NH Meals On Wheels Programme Needs To Be Cut. There is waste and I'd suspect overpricing going on.

One of the needed cuts is the NH "Meals On Wheels" socialist programme.

This is free food that is given to seniors but in this world nothing is ever free.

During my first term in the NH House I learned first hand what the "Meals On Wheels" really entails. It's a substantial waste of taxpayer money on many levels but is also a program that often goes untouched as the demographic population that it serves-- seniors-- in most cases are both powerful and untouchable.

The NH budget writers should be given alot of credit for the needed cuts in meals on wheels. This is another case, with some leadership and restructuring that this program can actually do as it's intended but will be far more realistic in it's spending and appropriations.

For example during my analysis I learned that my local feeding site was was ordering $1500.00 worth of food every two months and only using $800.00 of the food. The rest of it went to waste. Translated: this is $4200.00 taxpayer loss per year, just in food. This represents 46.67% of the yearly food budget that is waste.

Sad but true.


The NH State Budget calls for about a 50% reduction in the meals on wheels program. This is good idea. The budget can be cut the food waste eliminated and the program still operates.

But I'm also confident this will not happen. The state budget is over in the Senate now, they don't seem to spend much time considering real numbers and wasted food. Instead they'll listen to a few, well-connected seniors and their concerns and nothing will change.

This NH Insiders is an example of why New Hampshire is in the deficit position that it is in.