Using The Kids.

As I'm writing this the Tillotson Foundation (Former owner of Balsam's) is putting together a bus of school age kids to be brought to Concord tomorrow morning for the hearing on SB 30 the Balsam's Bailout Bill.

I'm already picturing a photo of this scene splashed across the news media.

Never mind that this whole idea (SB 30) is not only flawed but exposes New Hampshire to $28 million dollars in crony capitalism risk.

Are these school age kids being used as political pawns?

I'll let you answer this question on your own. But please take the time to at least contact your legislator(s) as I have about SB 30. Granite Grok has a really good podcast by Kimberly Morin that sheds some real light into what this Balsam's Bailout really is: