More Bad Bailout.

Note: It's my understanding that that the Municipal and County Government has withdrawn from Senate Bill 30 and it's now been moved and amended to House Finance Committee with a hearing set for next Tuesday at 1:00pm in Reps. Hall.

It's a do-nothing amendment too. From statements I'm reading that the "state will only be held liable for $20 million" instead of $28 million.

What's a few million among some serious flaws?

This is a letter to the Editor that I'm working on (DRAFT).

To The Editor:

Legislation is moving forward that could prove disastrous to the future of New Hampshire.

Senate Bill 30 is a state sponsored bailout of the Balsam's Resort in Dixville Notch. Sponsored by Sen. Jeff Woodburn, this allows a state loan guarantee of $28 million dollars to be used to finance a project that is completely surrounded by speculation, risk and unanswered questions.

SB 30 is bad politics of the worst sort. New Hampshire faces a budget deficit of $250 million dollars, essential programs like bridge maintenance and human services are being cut and eliminated. Yet Sen. Woodburn wants to finance an upscale luxury resort or in his own unsubstantiated words, "revitalize this historic landmark and the economy of Coos County."

Senator Woodburn needs to get sent to the rail.