NH Kleptocracy

I'm reading a good book right now, it's called Putin's Kleptocracy: Who Owns Russia? By Karen Dawisha.

It's a survey type of book basically covering the rise to power to the current geopolitical position of Russia on the world stage. Not a difficult book or one that requires alot of in-depth knowledge of history or international relations, the later which I think it the main problem with alot of academic writers which Dawisha is.

The author seems to have a deep seated dislike of the subject matter and/or person it's difficult to get away from theme of corruption, politics and ultimately kleptocracy.

Parts of this book are really making me think of New Hampshire and what the Democratic Cabal is trying to do in this state. Gov. Hassan and this "innovation economy" these are just words that are used to describe prefrence, achievement and ultimately kleptocracy.

State Kleptocracy.

Good Book Lots Of Quality Material. Made Me Think Of The NH "Innovation Economy."