Ministry Of Culture.

I must be on a Russia kick.

Several nights ago I went and saw the Indie Film "Levithan" which was produced on or near Murmansk, Russia and partially financed by the Ministry of Culture. I went and saw it to expereince this area of Russia which is on the Barrents Sea and I've read about the region as the site of Lend-Lease deliveries during WWII by the United States to support the Russian military, the "Murmansk Runs."

Some political content in this movie much of it overshadowed by the allegations that Russian government is a Kleptocracy at all levels. Basically, it's a story of eminent domain and fighting city hall. Which, more often than not doesn't end well anyways regardless of the country that it is in.

I will do a warning though the acting, even with subtitles is very good and authentic for the circumstances; but the story really goes dark. It was so dark, at one point some elderly people ended up leaving the theatre. It's not violence, graphics or anything like this. This is a story of fighting the establishment and it's consequences. I think alot of people still take alot of things for granted, this is what I'm getting from this film.

Levithan is a good movie. I believe it has also won some awards in the Indie category.