Lost Jobs In New Hampshire.

Both houses of Congress are poised to pass legislation that will impact the quality of life in the Granite State.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is trade legislation very similar to NAFTA that opens the flood gates to commerce with pacific rim countries like Malaysia, Vietnam and Singapore. There are indications that the TPP will result in lost jobs and economic opportunity in New Hampshire and the United States.

Is anyone in NH bothering to consider what Congress is doing? The news media isn't reporting on it. Name a presidential candidate that has said anything about foreign trade agreements and the TPP legislation. None of them have. Vietnam Gains Important Trade Status Under The TPP. New Hampshire Will Lose Jobs.

Where is the NH Congressional Delegation on the TPP? Congressman Frank Guinta frequently has press releases. Recently his office announced how hard it it working towards food safety and "saving horses from slaughter." I'm not sure how important this is against life changing legislation like the TPP.