No Balsam's Bailout.

The hearing for Senate Bill 30 on 4/14/14 should prove to be a real barometer of politics and policy in New Hampshire and where things are headed.

-If Senate Bill 30 passes it tells me that spending trumps policy regardless of what the spending is. It also tells me that "salesmanship" and "lobbying" are decisive factors in getting legislation passed. (Isn't it always?).

-If Senate Bill 30 fails it tells me that there are still elected officials in the Statehouse that can see beyond the "gloss" and actually take the time to look at substative issues: like finance, valuation and even the state constitution when determining what their positions really entail being a policymaker. Senate Bill 30 has a hearing on the 14th. Municipal And County Government.

But one of the things that I really found to be disappointing in serving in the NH House is exactly how many legislators are purely ignorant of both legislation and anything that involves math and finance. I can remember a lobbyist telling me that "a majority of legislators don't even bother reading the very bills that they are voting on." At the time I didn't believe what I was hearing. But unfortunately, it's true.

Let's go back to the Balsams. It looks like investigative reporter Kimberly Morin is doing an excellent job in covering this issue. Granite Grok has some very good material from her and some of the "cronyism" of what this bailout really is.