Burn The Church.

I can't ever be right to deal in rumors and speculation and I work to not do this on this board. However, at times I come across information that is credible, verifiable and plausible I go with it.

This one is about the NH Council of Churches.

What exactly is this organization?

I know them from committee hearings that I've attended on the various expanded casino gaming legislation, this is a lobbyist group that has a church in their background. Their lobbyists or at least individuals in opposition seem to try and portray a scene of "innocence" in their arguments as to why expanded gaming isn't needed in the granite state.

Who is paying for the NH Council of Churches lobbying efforts?

I think the answer to this question might reveal some interesting information.

If expanded casino gaming legislation were to pass in New Hampshire then Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut would lose in the area of $15 million dollars a year in lost revenue that would stay in New Hampshire instead of heading south. The NH Council of Churches is a non-profit, non-taxed entity so, any contributions to this would be tax deductible.

I think this church group should be investigated.