Desperation Never Works.

This will be a point, click, write and shoot blog. I'm just going to write my thoughts and see where it lands. Right now I don't have alot of time for in-depth editing. This blog might also be a bit derogatory, but this is also politics so that is just the way that it goes...

It's really sad and unfortunate to see experienced politicians like Senate President Morse and Sen. Lou Dellassandro(sic) try in desperation and vein to get the expanded casino legislation passed. Actually, it's basically pathetic to watch these two individuals beg. It's one thing to pan handle for some food and drink and it's yet another for an elected official to be groveling to attempt to shape policy for the future.

In both case(s) desperation can never work.

I've made the statement and yes, I'm making the statement again. Expanded casino gaming in any state can be a positive force in a number of areas. Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maine have done it and now have the financial statements, employment and tax base to demonstrate that it can be successful. And it could be successful too in New Hampshire, but it won't with the current politics and small minded stupidity that exists in the statehouse starting with the two above mentioned and the cadre of lobbyists that can't see the forests through the trees.

New Hampshire should back off the casino legislation just dump the issue, it isn't going anywhere except to waste time now. No more filing legislation, no more press conferences and no more begging!!! Penn National Racetrack. New Hampshire Should Withdraw From Expanded Casino Gaming Legislation.  

New Hampshire should do what Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maine did. Convince a large well established casino developer/operator of the long term benefits of being in New Hampshire. I'm talking a major player that has enough capital to go the distance and then let run the show, literally.

I'd encourage you to look at the Penn National Racetrack as an example: use this as a model and follow this as a model, and keep the local politicians like Sen. Morse and Sen. Dellasando (sic) out of the mix. But this won't happen in New Hampshire. This is the problem when "insiders" get so far entrenched with seniority and establishment they can't be objective anymore and take action(s) that benefits what the NH Statehouse is for: to Serve New Hampshire.  

I'm sure some of you think I'm wrong and these outside casino operators will come in an take advantage of New Hampshire. Why is it that it is working in Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maine and it can't work here? I'll tell you why --politics and business as usual.

Some might believe how effective these same legislators in New Hampshire are. This is an argument, I don't believe it for a second. Please feel free to take a few minutes and respond to this blog with exactly what has been accomplished during this current legislative session?

I'll look forward to what you have to say. So far I haven't found anything.