Into The Far Reaches.

Governor Maggie Hassan is poised to sign Senate Bill 30 into state law. This is the Balsam's bailout bill, the legislation that enables a $28 million dollar state loan guarantee to be used to finance a risky real estate deal in Dixville Notch.

Senate Bill 30 has reaching and widespread political support. "The door is now wide open for future development and job creation for the northern part of our state." said Speaker Jasper not long after the 293-57 vote in the General Court. The problem with this statement is that it's never been revealed exactly how many good paying jobs would even be created in the far reaches of the economically depressed Coos county. 

I've spoken with a legislator about his support for Senate Bill 30, "I don't have a problem with the S.B. 30.","Really all it does is raise the amount that BFA can bond any business, it still must be vetted by them." stated Rep. Brad Bailey (R-Monroe). This means that the Balsam's applicant, Dixville Capital, LLC. has to file an official application for a state loan guarantee with the Business Finance Authority or BFA and then it has to be voted on by the Governor and Executive Council just like any state contract.It Would Appear That This Moves Forward

If this proposed Balsam's state loan guarntee passes the Governor and Executive Council and this risky real estate project fails, New Hampshire taxpayers will be responsible for the repayment of $28 million dollars, plus interest.