Not Enough Was Done.

Several weeks ago I heard an interesting quote that after I'd spent some time considering now believe it makes very good sense.

Someone was taking about Sen. Lou Dellasandro and his immense, substantive efforts at passage of expanded casino gaming in New Hampshire. His efforts are falling short but the political leadership was certainly there. In any case it what I've heard goes like this:

"If Sen. Dellasandro had worked as hard at general economic development and creating jobs as he did for the casinos the results here would have been immense."

I believe this.Demolition of Groveton Mill 2015.

In this case experience does matter and the senator does have enough experience to get things done. Some real things done. Recently I was up in Northumberland (Groveton) watching demolition crews level the remaining infrastructure of the 116 year old paper mill. I still believe this industry and its jobs could have been saved, but for whatever reason(s), including politics it was allowed to die.

Instead the emphasis is to place the hopes and dreams of New Hampshire on the idea of casinos and state loan guarantees for luxury resort developments whose primary market is so far outside of New Hampshire, it will be difficult to envision that it is anything more than a state financed island.

Imagine how much better New Hampshire would be if we were creating things, building things and exporting things.

The world would need us instead of us needing them.