MBTA Restructuring And New Hampshire.

During the past couple of days the Boston Globe has been running some interesting stories about the beleaguered Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) and the efforts, which I'm believing are genuine, by the elected officials in the Commonwealth to bring about some positive needed management and change to the MBTA.  

It will be very difficult to do. And more difficult with what they've proposed. First, there leadership of the MBTA has been shuffled and changed as one would expect with this level of problems. But the second and more troublesome is the creation of "an oversight committee."over the newly restructured leadership of the MBTA. The oversight committee, as it was reported, is appointed by elected officials and would have more authority than the "day to day" leadership. I'm thinking that this is the complete definition of: "micromangement" at a time when it "should be left alone." Some serious restructuring and leadership is needed here.

So how does this impact New Hampshire?The MBTA Needs To Be Restructured.

This is the same MBTA that the New Hampshire Rail Transit Authority is talking about bringing up here to New Hampshire. This is a mistake and a big one.

Fortunately the NH state senate has taken a quality action in removing $4.0 million dollars from the state budget for "planning and engineering" work for the NH Rail Transit Authority.

New Hampshire does not need the MBTA and it's well established corruption and problems here in this state.