More Balsam's Bailout And Fluff.

I'm going to term this a fluff session but Gov. Maggie Hassan signed into law SB 30.

Reading the press release now. It's not very innovative. "This bipartisan measure is also an important step forward for advancing the Balsams redevelopment project, which is a bold vision for the revitalization of this historic resort with great potential to create jobs, boost the North County's economy and have a ripple effect for businesses across the state."

You'd think that if Gov. Hassan were truly interested in making a statement like this the signing session would be filled with parties that "would actually benefit" from the legislation.

It wasn't.Should Be Interesting To See What Happens Next.

Instead it was filled with legislators, DRED Commissioner Rose and parties from the Balsam's.

Gov. Hassan does have one thing right. This legislation will have a "ripple effect" especially for other resorts that are impacted by this proposed state loan guarantee that is surrounded by substantial risk and uncertainty.

It's going to be interesting to see what happens next. And especially how it's framed.