Support SB 88

The news media is reporting on the "rejection of $4 million dollars for the NH Rail Transit Authority."for their continuing money fed proposal to bring passenger rail up to Concord. This is a reported effort by Senators Boutin and Daniels and I really hope that it sticks.

And if it does stick there is indeed hope....

I've located a piece of legislation that is moving forward that has great potential for New Hampshire. Senate Bill 88 has passed the senate and is now in the house. This is study legislation that considers intermodal transportation and the use of "public private partnerships." to increase this area of transportation in the granite state.New Hampshire Lacks Intermodal Capability. This Is Lost Opportunity And Jobs.

This is something that is sorely needed statewide. Intermodal is primarily concerned with freight movement whether this is highway, rail, sea and air. Right now it's the only growth area in the transportation sector and when it's done correctly, leads to substantial taxbase and jobs.

But unfortunately, it isn't being done in New Hampshire. This is why Senate Bill 88 is needed.

During the last reset of the NH State Rail Plan sponsored by NH DOT I pushed the project consultant(s) to include a subsection and analysis of "intermodal capabilities" in New Hampshire. And they did exactly this. New Hampshire has no intermodal capabilities instead, a potential shipper/receiver has to use facilities in Ayer, Mass, Auburn, Maine or possibly Worcester, Mass. The state rail plan looked at this.

I've said it before New Hampshire needs intermodal capability here. This would lead to lower cost(s) and ultimately jobs and taxbase for the entire state. Hopefully Senate Bill 88 will pass.