Taking Skier Visits.

I'm really disappointed to hear on Granite Grok that Executive Councilor Joe Kenney is "a supporter of the Balsam's Bailout."They also said on the stream that Executive Councilor Chris Sununu, a possible gubernatorial candidate is also a supporter of this $28 million dollar loan guarantee.

Guess I was holding out that this risky, largely unexplained idea would just be shot down when push came to shove and the reality sets in that N.H. taxpayers are being used as collateral for a project that really doesn't do much, if anything, for New Hampshire.If This Moves Forward Other NH Ski Areas Will Be Impacted. I wonder how many people actually read these signs?


I'm actually very surprised that NH ski areas didn't come out as opposed to S.B. 30. If this proposed $145 million dollar project goes through and the Balsams becomes a: "destination ski resort."what does that do to other ski areas like Bretton Woods, Loon, Waterville Valley and even the state owned, Cannon?

I'll tell you what it does. It takes away ski visits in the same way construction of casinos in Pennsylvania is causing the decline of Atlantic City.

Wouldn't that be interesting if Cannon Mountain has to get a "bailout"because of the decline of skier visits due to the Balsams. I don't know what to call this, one idea: Keynesian Economic Nightmare.