Let It Sell Very Well.

So I'm reading the front page article in the St. Johnsbury, Vermont based Caledonian Record newspaper, it's about guess what the Balsam's Redevelopment aka Balsam's Bailout.Dissenters Be Quiet.

Are you sick of hearing about this yet?..... I'm sick of it too so many issues out there and it looks to me that regardless of the circumstances or even reality, this whole project is moving forward. Back to the Caledonian Record newspaper, a public relations company would be pleased as to how well this is written. Objective journalism, not once have I seen a single dissenter to the very idea of this whole project. But let's move on...

The article was saying that 120 people have already given deposits for "to be built condos." and that the "development team" has had inquiries for employment.

The power of demand. The power of effective public relations.