Accepting The Terms

Accepting the terms. We all do this some quite frequently. Computer license agreements, car loans, home mortgages and the bill for a cart full of groceries.

Some of these terms are negotiable, others are not. Some of these items are essential others are not. Try going to the supermarket and "price shopping" a gallon of milk. Don't bother just accept the terms or drink water.

I'm starting to believe the legislative process is becoming nothing more than "accept the terms." Accepting The Terms. No Choice. Not Good.

Senate Bill 30 passed Finance unanimously, it will go the full distance to passage now. Accept this. So I am accepting this, it's not like there is any real choice here either, water isn't a option. But I did contact my local legislators one last time just to see what their position(s) were on SB 30 and the upcoming vote.

The best response I received was that: "the legislature shouldn't be deciding who does or does receive state loan guarantees." I'd agree with this, but after the $15 million dollar Business Express Airlines failure shouldn't the legislature be cognizant of what is happening with loans and ideas like the Balsam's Bailout?

Let's move on...

Next I heard that: "just because SB 30 passes the (Balsam's) has to undergo the same application process as any other applicant." This may be true, let's just hope the same individuals that approved Business Express Airlines are not going to be reviewing this Balsam's application. I'm skeptical.

But remember what I said about choice there isn't any.