Circus Of Solitude.

Economist John Maynard Keynes would be very pleased today. His economic theory which he successfully argued at the Bretton Woods Monetary Confrence now not only has a real and practical presence in the state it was argued, and ironically it's stated reason and design is similar to the very place the arguement was made.

What did I just say there? Economist Keynes Would Be Pleased With The Way New Hampshire Is Heading.

Keynes made an economic arguement in 1944 at the Mount Washington Hotel that "government intervention into the economy." is directly responsible for improving economic conditions like: inflation, poverty, job creation, etc. Basically, if something is successful "the government moved it forward."

Senate Bill 30 by a vote of 293-57 passed the NH House of Representatives.

Enter a new era of finance and the advance of capital ideas in New Hampshire. And it is a new era.

I'm Confident This Individual Would Be Pleased As Well.