Christie Building It Forward.

I'm shopping for a presidential candidate. There are alot of choices.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. I know he has been to New Hampshire a few times. For whatever reason(s) he seems to get a bit more press coverage than other candidates. This coverage is both good and bad.

For example as a voter I now associate Christie with defense and defense related issues as his press presence seems to always be on or near defense related areas whether this is BAE Systems or the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. The defense bloc is a big bloc and is a fundamental part of being commander in chief.

But this is also a crowded Republican primary. Gov. Christie Seems To Have A Strong Positioning Towards Defense Related Issues.

I also tried something different with this ad. I looked at it with both the sound on and the sound off. Different impressions of both. The heavy use of imagery and patriotism tends to drown out any larger messages. Attacks against the current administration are fine but is this what a NH Republican primary voter is looking for?

Gov. Christie himself has stated that his gubernatorial responsibilities are important and I'd imagine his campaign machinery is still very much "ramping up." He should be given some credit for this. I still say that in a crowded Republican field this might be candidate #11 on an all Fox Debate.