Cut & Paste Journalism

I'm a frequent reader of the Caledonian Record newspaper, it's more or less my local newspaper. I've been reading it a long time like most newspapers it's changed alot. It still covers alot of local based news like the growing list of heroin overdoses, but unfortunately some of the news content, especially politics has become "cut and paste." Basically, the reporter pulls items and quotes off the press release and this becomes the story.

A case in point and a phone call that I had to make to a reporter, Robert Blechl is about the coverage of the Balsam's. So I called him.I still have some real concerns about the Balsam's Bailout. But I'm confident that the Caledonian Record will do a better job with it's coverage in the future.

Basically, I asked him why the coverage had to be so "one sided"and why perspectives against this project aren't even mentioned. He responded to me by explaining the project and the legislative votes on the bill (SB 30), in "support of this."I asked him if he had attended any of the legislative hearings on SB 30 and he stated that "he hadn't." I think it's hard to report on a piece of legislation without attending any of the hearing(s) at the statehouse. But let's move on.

I'm opposed to this whole idea due to the substantial risk that is involved. But when I was talking to the Caledonian Record reporter I tried to stay objective. I started by suggesting the history of the Mount Washington Hotel at Bretton Woods in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Including the bankruptcies and foreclosures of a major developer Satter Companies. It's quite a history as well, the bank that owned the main hotel failed and had to be taken over by the FDIC and they later auctioned off the property. I was employed there during this time and had a front row seat to what was happening. And lots of things were happening!

Let's go back to the reporter.

So I kept talking I tried to suggest the: "opposition that exists" to this whole project including the testimony I've heard at the legislative hearing(s), (I didn't attend either); I suggested Granite Grok and Kimberly Morin and that I do this blog and have reported on this very issue.

He did agree with me on some of my points about the risk of this project and that's good. But I'm still of the impression that he believes that since SB 30 passed by such a large margin this translates into: "support for this project." How many pieces of legislation have been passed against the will of the people in New Hampshire?

Anyways I closed it out with what I still think was the better direction to move in. And this was the study committee to investigate the feasibility of the "state loan guarantee"before the project moved forward. They wanted a year to do this. The developer, Les Otten stated the "hotel couldn't wait a year."

Is this project going to start in a year?  What are they talking, late summer, if it starts this year?

They should have done the study committee.