Conversation With An Editor.

I'm going to be busy this week. But in between it all I'm going to be contacting the Editor of the Caledonian Record Newspaper about one sided/public relations articles that have been appearing regularly in the newspaper about the Balsams Bailout.

There was another one yet again, yesterday. Gov. Maggie Hassan was up in Dixville Notch for a mock signing of Senate Bill 30 and as you might imagine the honey was flowing everywhere. At least in words it was....

Reality what is that?It Appears That My Conversation With The Reporter Isn't Going Anywhere. So Now I'm Going To Try Talking To The Editor.

As a part of my conversation with the editor will be some information that I'm attempting to get from Provident Bank. This is the bank that has been "identified" as being the source of funding to provide the capital used for the $28 million dollar state loan guarantee. I'm really curious as to how this bank was "chosen" as the bank of choice.

My thought is that a loan of this major size should be originated and serviced by a major U.S. bank such as: Citibank, Chase, Bank of America, BNY-Mellon and the list of major well established banks continues on.

Who exactly is this 'Provident Bank'?

So it should be an interesting week.