Some Progress Made.

Two days ago I contacted the editor of the Caledonian Record Newspaper, Dana Grey relative to this newspapers positive coverage of Senate Bill 88 and the "Balsams Bailout."

I didn't hit a strategic victory in any sense but under the circumstances I'm content with the idea that at least some progress was made. Progress meaning: there are two sides to every issue!

I'll be writing more of this conversation later on this week it was interesting to hear his (Grey) version of how a news story like this gets developed. I'll give you an idea of how this works.

-Example: A group of journalists go to Damascus, Syria and are taken by government limos to the presidential palace where they meet with President Assad. They ask him numerous questions about Syria and he responds with talking points. The journalists are then given a tour of the palatial estate and then are given a culinary extreme-awesome meal before being taken back to the airport.

Several days later articles appear in newspapers about how well everything is going in Syria.

Editor Grey actually told me that since there weren't any protesters holding cardboard signs outside of the hearings and meetings about the Balsams Bailout this factored into how this story was covered by the Caledonian Record newspaper.

I'm still unsure of what to do with this statement.

It isn't okay in Syria. It isn't okay in Dixville Notch New Hampshire.