NH Budget Gimmicks.

The state budget is due to be finalized in a matter of weeks.

The threat of Gov. Hassan to veto the legislation HB1,HB2 is not entirely unfounded. And the reason(s) is:

Gimmicks. Closing Tri-Counnty CAP offices is a mistake.

There will always be creative accounting methods used in the state budget. This is more commonly known as robbing peter to pay the paul. But when these gimmicks and games affect vulnerable and defenseless people this is when it becomes completely wrong. This morning I awoke to the announcement that Tri-County CAP is closing most of it's intake/field office for fuel assistance. I do not have the list in front of the but I believe Berlin,Tamworth and Laconia remain open while the rest close:Lebanon,Colebrook, Groveton, Woodsville, Littleton. What the press release also doesn't state is that these offices are not only intake applications for fuel assistance but they also deal with homelessness and referral for other issues like drug abuse.

-What do you want to be that Senate Budget Writers transfered or took money away from Tri-County CAP and gave to Health & Human Services to keep "their offices open." Some of which were scheduled to be reduced and/or closed.

Something is really wrong here. I hope that Gov. Hassan displays some real leadership and vetoes this state budget there is simply too much bad and not enough good.

Alot of individuals will be very cold this winter.....