Where Is Councilor Kenney?

Draft Letter To The Editor.

About a month ago I attempted to contact Executive Councilor Joe Kenney about some concerns in district number one. Two pieces of legislation have passed or are nearing passage that could affect life "North of Concord."

The first is Senate Bill 30 also called the Balsams Bailout which allows a $28 million dollar state loan guarantee to be used to finance a questionable and risky real estate project in Dixville Notch. I asked Councilor Kenney if he would support this state contract if it comes before the Governor and Council. Next I asked Kenney about economic development and jobs both of which are important in district one. I asked the first term councilor if he is working to appoint anyone to state boards and commissions in areas like economic development and transportation. Councilor Kenney hasn't responded to me. Guess as a long-term citizen of district one I've come to expect quality constituent service like that of his predecessor, Ray Burton who always responded to everything! And no problem was ever too hot to handle!

I've heard rumors that Councilor Kenney serves as a Lt. Colonel in the Marine Corps Reserve and his military deployments inhibit his ability to serve in the Executive Council. This poor constituent service is unfortunate. Both of his political opponents in the last election(s), Mike Cryans of Hanover and Christopher Boothby of Meredith stated that if they were elected this would be a full-time dedicated position for them.