Does Carly Fiorina 'Get It.'

I'm shopping around for a presidential candidate to support. Lots of choices out there.

Decided to start my search with the former HP executive and failed U.S. Senate candidate as I'd read a complementary report in the Concord Monitor on how well spoken Ms. Fiorina is towards the issues, and especially if asked a question that goes 'off script' or 'off talking points.'

Don't believe what you read in a newspaper. Ever.

I looked at this campaign piece twice and not only is it scripted but it leads me to think and ask: "Does this candidate even get it?"

It's interesting to see her rail on and on about: "tired of the sound bites" and "empowering citizens"and of course the Washington beltway is corrupt.

This is the New Hampshire presidential primary in a crowded Republican field. I think with this market positioning Fiorina gets demolished. It doesn't matter how well she speaks.