Maine Is Beating Us.

So tomorrow I'm going down to Dover and getting on the Amtrak Downeaster train and riding up to Portland. I'm looking forward to seeing the improvement(s) to the International Marine Terminal and what this brings to the field of intermodal transportation, rail and the quality jobs that it will create.

This is in addition to new markets that will be created through improved transportation systems. Imagine where this might lead!!!!!  St. Johnsbury,Vermont. An Abandoned Truck Ramp Where Trailers Can Be Loaded Onto Railroad Flatcars.The Growth Of Intermodal Transporation Might Make This Viable.The Rail Line To The Right Goes To White River Jct. Vermont.

I've said this before New Hampshire should be doing what Maine is doing. Recently passed Senate Bill 88 (see associated blog), would be a starting point but I'm still finding NH elected officials to be lacking in this area.

Last week I made an attempt to contact Executive Councilor Joe Kenney about the idea(s) presented by Senate Bill 88 (Intermodal Transportation); included was some information about the International Marine Terminal. Guess after some time I and many others in District #1 became accustomed to getting a quick response from his predecessor he always responded to everything!!!!