Pataki Patriots.

I'm shopping around for a presidential candidate. There are lots of choices out there.

I decided to have a look at former Gov. George Pataki as I've been to nearby New York a number of times including visiting areas that are classified as "Empire Zones" which are regions that were advanced by Gov. Pataki that created many good jobs and greatly improved the economic landscape.

So I looked at this ad, again twice and it doesn't take very long for the massive power of imagery, emotion and sheer psychology to stand out. And this is a really good one. It hits all the points: liberty, Washington corruption and the resounding theme of "caring about people." "We The People." Interesting scene with then president George W. Bush around September 11 time. The political power of connection.

Imagery. Visuals all well done here.  

I've read some negative things about Gov. Pataki basically they say that he is just a repackaged version of the same flawed political product. I don't think so. Not after going to New York and seeing with my own eyes what has been done as the "Empire Zones" this incidently, isn't mentioned in this piece. Actually, I think the tenure as New York Governor is much stronger than many other Republican candidates will be able to field.

They could have brought this out. But it might have disrupted the rest of the message.