SB 88 Success.

I'm encouraged by the house passage of Senate Bill 88. This is good and needed legislation. Hopefully, Gov. Hassan signs this bill into state law.

If executed correctly, this could lead to some substantial tax base and jobs for New Hampshire. For example I'm over here in St. Johnsbury, Vermont taking photos of the rail yard here. St. Johnsbury was and is an important terminal in many trade routes some of which decisively involve New Hampshire.The line to the left goes to Sherbrooke and Montreal the line to the right (brush) is the abandoned Maine Central "Mountain Division" that runs across New Hampshire to Portland, Maine.

This is a photo showing this. Back in the day this was a major terminus for trade between all parts of Canada and the U.S. east coast. It's role was major. The Stagger's Rail Deregulation Act in 1980 destroyed most of what was left of these trade routes between the U.S./Canada; this and then growing role of the interstate highway system.

2015. Trade routes are again shifting for numerous reason(s), and intermodal transportation or the use of varied modes of transport: highway, rail, ocean and air is the growth area and driving force behind many things that are happening in the vast world of commerce and trade.

This is why Senate Bill 88 is very important it looks at "public-private partnerships" and how transportation can be improved in New Hampshire and it will be statewide. Not just Nashua, Manchester and Concord but the entire state. 

If this concept could be implemented abandoned rail road lines would be reactivated. Rail served business would expand and locate to New Hampshire, and with the improvement in freight transportation the idea remains of building a viable passenger rail network.