Cruz Not Cruise And Gawd.

I'm going to start this blog out with a statement and disclaimer about ignorance about this candidate. I know nothing about Sen. Ted Cruz.

All I've heard about this candidate is that he has strong appeal to the conservative "right wing" of the Republican party. My experience is that the "right wing"elements of this party tend to be better financed and organized than the more moderate or RINO factions within the party.

So I'm watching the campaign video. Like alot of professional campaign videos a graphic portrayal of imagery and showing the voter about the candidate with the power of background. In the Cruz case it quickly becomes "hope, freedom and faith in god." And it goes on from there to the point where I'm now wondering if Cruz makes a decision(s) on his own basis of leadership or possibly, "a direction from god."

This is my perception of both this video and what the candidate is projecting.

Part of the structure here is a dislike of the current president and much of the policies that have originated during the past two terms whether this is common core or expanded Medicaid. I only looked at this video once, but somehow I don't get the sense that Sen. Ted Cruz is advancing any real alternatives of his own as a part of his presidential campaign.

He is catering to a powerful bloc of votes in a crowded primary. Perhaps specific plans of action are not a fundamental part of the strategy to victory.