Getting It Signed.


To The Editor:

  The port of Portland, Maine is currently constructing a $15.4 million dollar capital expansion of the International Marine Terminal, a 18 acre project that will lead to millions of dollars in economic activity and jobs through access to global based marketplaces.Portsmouth, NH. New Hampshire still has some advantages. Senate Bill 88 will help realize this.

  New Hampshire should be doing this. Fortunately, legislation has advanced that may make this happen. Senate Bill 88 now sits on Gov. Maggie Hassan's desk. Sponsored by senators Bette Lasky and Martha Fuller-Clark this legislation calls for study of "public-private" partnerships in intermodal transportation. This is needed in New Hampshire. Intermodal transportation encompasses modes of transport: highway, rail, sea and air to move people and products both efficiently and environmentally. In Portland a company called Eimskip based in Iceland wanted to expand its presence and supply chain routes in North America and is now in direct partnership with the state to move needed commodities like frozen food, bottled water and even live Maine lobsters to demanded markets like the U.S. Midwest.

  New Hampshire is at an important crossroads in trade. The state has significant tax and logistical advantages that nearby states are not able to match. But what is missing as an effective strategy and direction to be using intermodal transportation to it's fullest extent. Not enough is being done. Senate Bill 88 is good legislation that will expand ideas, transportation and trade in New Hampshire. Gov. Hassan should sign this bill into law.