Talk Radio Foolishness.

One of the problems with live talk radio is there isn't an edit function. Another problem that many smaller operation(s) like podcasting lack any real production sophistication and the whole session turns into a group of people that enjoy listening to themselves talk.

This was the case yesterday when I started listening to Granite Grok. At one point it became so absurd that I had to turn it off. It could have been a good show, I'll emphasize could have been.

Former Speaker Bill OBrien was the guest.

Instead of talking about real issues, of which there are plenty it turned into an explanation session about why Rep. OBrien isn't running for re-election, how the pay rates for the legislature effect it's politics and somehow intertwined and intermixed into all this the labor party in England (liberal) is trying to: "recreate society in it's image."or something close to this, and the way they are doing this is to allow muslim emigration to the UK. And these same muslims are now attempting to overthrow and/or destroy the government.


Some people love to listen to themselves talk.