Rick Perry 2.0

I'm currently shopping for a presidential candidate. There are alot to choose from.

All I know of Texas Governor Rick Perry is what I've seen and heard here in New Hampshire. It's probably nowhere near enough to make any kind of reasonable decision about whether to support his candidacy with my vote. But let's move on.

It appears to me and the imagery in this video that the defense-industrial complex will and be a substantial base of support for this candidate. It is a large bloc with a great deal of depth including the attached economic powers that this whole field commands. This is also interesting because I'm not getting much of a sense of the foreign policy objectives of a Perry Administration. Yet the support of defense is there.....

Conclusion(s) of there own, or, understood conclusions.

What little that I listened to on Granite Grok is that the Perry Campaign has retooled and restrategzed from it's campaign last time. They (Granite Grok) are saying this should make a big difference. I also think it's safe to say that domestic policy isn't a large priority for Gov. Perry, at least this isn't what I'm seeing from this recently announced candidate. As I'm writing this more young people in New Hampshire are either overdosing or dying from heroin-- I read this morning that a young female was "administered Narcan at least 11 times in the past three months" before she finally took too much and is now dead. It seems to me that heroin is a real killer.

I'm wondering what Gov. Perry would propose to do about this?