Don't Arm The National Guard.

Yet another petition to do something. Militia men (if they can be called this) standing outside recruiting office with semi-automatic weapons and 30 round magazines.

Safety and security they maintain.

Then there is the idea to arm the military recruiters themselves including the National Guard here in New Hampshire. All of this is a mistake.

The main reason is training. It's true that members of the military are all trained in weapons handling. And it's an indepth training, most of which is geared for combat, assault and the tactical requirements for being on a battlefield. These are different weapons handling skills than what is used for other fields: say law enforcement, recreational hunting and even self- defense against unemployed lunatics with MOAR GUNZ that go into a strip mall and simply open fire. Military Recruiters Shouldn't Be In Strip Malls. These Individuals Are Not Going To Make This Situation Any Safer.

Instead of arming the National Guard members including the training required, which would be costly, the military should be looking at the dangers to the recruiters themselves. For example, why are recruiting offices located in strip malls? They didn't used to be in strip malls, including the often over priced rent that is charged for these spaces.

Politics is one reason. But this is a discussion for another thread.

Recruiting offices should be located on the respective military base, barracks, armory, etc. or possibly even the U.S. Post Office where there are already well established security protocols in place. It would be safer and cost less money to do military recruiting this way.

I've heard the argument that the military needs to be "recruiting where the consumers are." Again, this is politics ---largely derived from the strip mall owners looking for tenants to fill their growing list of empty spaces. If the military needs to be recruiting for the same customers frequenting Chick-A-Fill or even Starbuck's Coffee there is a problem.

This includes the NH National Guard.