Media As Biased Influence


To The Editor:

  About a month ago I contacted the editor of the Caledonian Record newspaper, Dana Grey about my concerns of the one-sided reporting being done by reporter Robert Blechl about the proposed Balsams $28 million dollar state loan guarantee.

  "We don't do this, this isn't what we are."said Grey in response to my questions that this newspaper is nothing more than a public relations appendage of Dixville Capital, LLC and Les Otten the developers of the Balsams bailout. I tried to explain the verifiable opposition that exists to this Balsams bailout including Granite and the 57 legislators that voted against Senate Bill 30 before it's final passage. Grey didn't seem terribly interested in hearing about the opposition.

  "If no one is standing outside the hearings holding cardboard signs in protest, this affects out reporting."Grey stated. This might be true but Robert Blechtl admitted that he hadn't attended a single legislative hearing on this bill before writing these articles which are more press releases than actual journalism. Grey also stated that if the sources of opposition are from: "southern NH" this makes a difference.  It does not make a difference. This whole Balsams bailout is surrounded by unsystematic risk, unanswered questions, political opposition and $28 million dollars in taxpayer risk not including interest and administrative fees, and nothing is being said.

  "We'll have to check on some things." Grey said.